Designers and Artisans Textile Club

The textile club provides a sense of community and an informal space where we get together once a month for one hour to share experiences and talk about our favorite topic - textiles! We invite artists, collectors, and experts to talk to us on a regular basis.

Next event: Tuesday December 14, 6-7pm, Frank Lloyd Wright's contribution to Modernism. Details coming soon.

Cost: $15/per session ( meetings are usually 1 hour, but can spill over and continue for 15 to 30 minutes)

Payable per session or month. Missed sessions are redeemable.

Please make a payment for as many sessions you like. I shall send you a zoom link upon payment.


Contact me for any questions:

3 embroideries, 3 experts

This event took place on 16 November 2021. You can see details by going to EVENTS under CLUB.

Mary Littrell is Professor and Department Head Emerita of Design and Merchandising at Colorado State University. For the past 25 years Mary's research has focused on how textile artisan enterprises achieve sustainability in the global market. She served on the Textile Society of America Board of Directors. Mary resides in Santa Fe, NM where she is Research Associate at the Museum of International Folk Art.

Rangina Hamidi is an Afghan-American writer, educator, social activist and politician. She is well known as an advocate for women's rights in Afghanistan and has engaged in various social projects to empower girls and women in Afghanistan. Rangina founded Kandahar Treasure the first women's private enterprise in Kandahar, practicing Khamak embroidery.

Cristin McKnight Sethi is a cultural practitioner, curator, educator, researcher, and writer. She is co-curator and contributing author of the exhibition and book with Dale Mason: Phulkari: The Embroidered Textiles of Punjab from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She is currently serving as a visiting professor of Art History at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). She has held curatorial and research positions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Asian Art Museum San Francisco, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She recently organized the ongoing exhibition at the George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum, Handmade: Creating Textiles in South Asia.


Judy Frater is a social entrepreneur. She lived in Kutch for 30 years, during which she co-founded and operated Kala Raksha Trust, a cooperative for women embroiderers, established the Kala Raksha Textile Museum, and founded Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya, the first design school for traditional artisans. She also helped found and direct Somaiya Kala Vidya to expand design education. She is author of Threads of Identity: Embroidery and Adornment of the Nomadic Rabaris, and co-author of The Art of the Dyer in Kutch. Prior to her residence in India, she was Associate Curator of the Eastern Hemisphere Collections at the Textile Museum, in Washington, DC. In Spring 2022 she will teach an Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.