Designers and Artisans Textile Club

The textile club provides a sense of community and an informal virtual space where we get together via zoom for one hour to share experiences and talk about our favorite topic - textiles! From time to time, we invite artists, collectors, and experts to learn more and open our doors to larger audiences. Scroll down for upcoming zoom events.

Kantha Quilts from Bengal: 

Simple Stitches to Rich Tradition

ZOOM EVENT Tuesday, 31 May 2022, 6-7 PM EDT

Jeevak Parpia is a Professor of Physics at Cornell University. Banoo Parpia has recently retired as Director of Alumni affairs and Development for Asia at Cornell University.

Their joint interest in Indian textiles evolved in the late 1980s. They have exhibited examples from their collection at several shows at the Johnson Museum at Cornell University as well as at Mount Holyoke College. Recently two painted textiles (pichwais) from their collection were shown at the Art Institute in Chicago. A more comprehensive show on Trade Textiles at the Johnson Museum in Ithaca, NY closed in June 2019. Several of the trade textiles are part of the "Cloth that Changed the World" exhibit at the ROM in 2020-2021.

This presentation will draw on examples from their collection.


  • Summary of the Kantha Tradition in Undivided Bengal
  • Discussion of various Kantha formats
  • A focus on aesthetics of this art form
  • Highlighting the diversity of 19th C Kantha

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Kashmir Shawls - A Kashmiri Perspective

ZOOM EVENT Tuesday, 21 June 2022, 6-7 PM EDT

Zulfiqar Ali (Zulfi) is a collector, curator & historian of the heritage arts of Kashmir, India. His areas of focus are shawls, Papier Maché, and engraved metal and wood from Kashmir. An independent business and technology consultant by profession, Zulfi's passion has always been the study and preservation of the artistic heritage of his beloved Valley of Kashmir, where he was born and raised. Zulfi's private collection of Kashmiri artefacts, comprises an extensive collection of shawls from the late 1700s to the early part of the twentieth century.

  • The Kashmir shawl - a world class textile
  • The environment in which these shawls were created
  • The human story of suffering and artistic triumph linked to the Kashmir shawls - but rarely acknowledged or mentioned
  • Other heritage arts of Kashmir

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Fall 2022- we continue our in-depth exploration of Kashmir Shawls

ZOOM EVENT Tuesday 11 October 2022 6-7 PM, EDT: David Reisbord, Kashmir Shawls - A Collector's Perspective. Details coming up.