Rebecca Hill

Chief Development Officer, 

St. Coletta of Greater Washington

Karthika has played an instrumental role as creative director, training and guiding our design team, designing unique high quality products, and bringing Coletta Collections on par with commercial competitors. She has helped us build our social enterprise from an idea to a viable business.

Tom Goehner

Curator of Education, 

Textile Museum, Washington DC

Karthika's vast knowledge of Indian textiles and expertise in traditional and contemporary textile design has been a great asset when our museum has contracted to work with her. 

Along with her undeniable talent for teaching, Karthika has always been a pleasure to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of others in the lectures and workshops she has presented for us.

Regina Morgan

Student, Philadelphia

Thank you very much again for a very interesting, informative and intellectually stimulating class. 

You create a very relaxing and creative
atmosphere - we all need it now. I very much hope that you will consider offering more virtual classes in the future.

Susan Soroko


Creative Economy at Arlington County Economic Development

Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication. Your input has made an incredible difference.

Nancy Fisher

Student, Boston

Your course was an exciting step in my intention to learn about textile history, develop cultural understanding of textiles, and gain textile-making insights, without having a career-directed purpose. The six sessions passed too quickly; the content was interesting; the assignments enhanced learning, prompted discussion, and provided perspective.

I welcome a next course soon.

Bonnie Corwin


 Textiles Asia Journal

I have known Ms Audinet professionally since 2016. She has twice written wonderful articles about Indian textiles. The most recent, on the Fustat fragments of Indian textiles in the Dumbarton Oaks collection, required a lot of time and research. Karthika is extremely professional and very passionate about Indian textiles.