Custom design and development services

Full project

Please email Karthika for a full design project proposal with the goal of designing a coherent collection. This would comprise: 

Strategizing with all concerned partners to scope out the project,

Defining target audiences and market research,

Trends in color and design,

Product design based on available skills and cultural heritage, 

Test marketing,

Sourcing of materials and organizing supply chains,

Costing and pricing, 

Planning for production and quality control,

Art direction for photography, packaging and branding,

Merchandising, marketing and distribution channels,

This would be supplemented with continuous skill development, training for self reliance by the end of the project, and readiness to take on further challenges / scale up.

EXAMPLE: The Coletta Collections project. See Portfolio for images.

Short term projects

We are happy to help you with short term goals. Karthika will meet you wherever you are in terms of your projects and help you to achieve excellence:

Improving product design,

Art direction for product photography,

Writing content to better communicate your mission or SEO copy writing for product sales,

Improve pricing and introduce efficiencies in production,

Develop database for products,

Render vocational training for making a wide variety of textiles from woven to printed, tie dyed and embroidered techniques.

Sustainable textiles

Let us explore ways to reduce pollution and make better choices for the environment together.

EXAMPLE: The Water Hyacinth Project by Kanthari in Kerala, India is trying to use this invasive plant's fiber. Designers and Artisans is providing advice on developing woven fabric and products.