Silk Warp Ikat Scarf

This scarf is hand dyed and woven by highly skilled traditional artisans in Telengana, South India.

South India is renowned for silks in stunning color combinations. This handpicked scarf has a solid border in a warm reddish pink with a body made of 'missing wefts' for a drape-y soft, light scarf. The feathery ikat pattern is in purple and golden yellow with small specks of white. Gorgeous!

- 24 * 73 inches with 2.25 inch knotted fringes on either side
- 100% silk
- dry clean

Warp ikat is a pre-loom patterning process. The warp threads are tied tightly with water resistant materials and dipped into multiple dyes. Once the dyeing is completed, the colorful patterned warp is woven into exquisite textiles.